RNN (Radionavigeringsnämnden) invites to a seminar within Positioning, Navigation and Time (PNT) in Stockholm Wednesday 18 May 2011. The seminar will be held in Scandinavian language.

Three GPS Satellites Moved Into New Positions for More Robust, Accurate Signals

By next June, the United States GPS constellation will attain the most optimal geometry in its nearly 33-year history. Over time, that means a more robust signal, more accuracy and more reliability in GPS-challenged environments.

Norway and Russia cooperate on navigation systems in the North

Norway will maintain their Loran C system, while Russia will modernize their Chayka system. The two are going to be synchronized so they can function as a backup for electronic navigation when the satellite navigations systems are not available.

Navigation satellite launched to show the way in Japan

An H-2A rocket flew to space Saturday Sept. 11th with a Japanese satellite to meet a pressing need for improved navigation services amid the country's numerous mountains and high-rise buildings.

Group of navigation satellites launched by Proton rocket

A Proton rocket blasted off overnight Wednesday September 1st with three spacecraft to help expand Russia's satellite navigation system to provide positioning services around the world.

Long March rocket delivers Chinese satellite to space

Another Chinese navigation satellite blasted off late Saturday July 31st on its way to a 22,000-mile-high perch above Earth to bolster the government-owned fleet of Beidou positioning spacecraft.

3rd GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions Conference

The Royal Institute of Navigation, London, UK, and the Institute of Engineering Surveying and Space Geodesy, University of Nottingham, UK, have a pleasure in welcoming you to the 3rd GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions 2010 Conference to be held 5 -...

Ubiquitous Postitioning, Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Service

The Nordic Institute of Navigation will arrange a conference with the theme "Ubiquitous Postitioning, Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Service" at the Finnish Geodetic Institute in Helsinki 14-15 Oct 2010.

New official e-mail to NNF

Please note that NNF has been and are undergoing some changes and upgrades. As a consequence we do now operate with a new official e-mail We do also have a new snail-mail address for the old fashioned paperwork. This would be th...

China sends Beidou navigation satellite to orbit

China launched another satellite Wednesday June 2nd toward an orbit more than 22,000 miles above Earth, marking another step in building the country's own space navigation system.

First-of-its-kind satellite for GPS launched into space

A new era for the Global Positioning System rocketed into orbit Thursday night May 27th, beginning a concerted effort to sharpen the precision capabilities beaming from the world's foremost space-based navigation network.

Technical Evening Seminar & General Assembly NNF

NNF will arrange a techncal evening seminar(free of charge for NNF and RNN members), and NNF General Assembly 27 May 2010 at the Norwegian Space Centre in Oslo. The event will start at 1600 with presentations related to GNSS. This will be followed ...