27 May 2010

Technical Evening Seminar & General Assembly NNF

26. 05
NNF will arrange a techncal evening seminar(free of charge for NNF and RNN members), and NNF General Assembly 27 May 2010 at the Norwegian Space Centre in Oslo.
The event will start at 1600 with presentations related to GNSS.
This will be followed by NNF's General Assembly and concluded with a social dinner at Da Capo.

26 May: Updated with Annual Report 2009 and Budget 2010.

General Assembly documents:

Agenda (note that agenda item 10 should be handled prior to item 7)
Annual Report and Accountings
Revision Report
Budget 2010
Board Member proposal
Election Committee proposal

Matters for votation:
  a) Proposed regulation changes regarding time limit for board members
  b) Proposed regulation changes regarding the administration
  c) Proposed regulation changes:
          * Proposed changes to NNF Regulations (document with change tracing)
          * Proposed revised NNF regulations (changes implemented)

Links will be continuously implemented and updated.

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