Nordic Institute of Navigation - NNF

The Nordic Institute of Navigation is a non-profit, independant and non-political organisation for professionals working within the field of navigation. The focus of NNF is on all aspects of positioning and navigation related to marine, air, land, and space based applications. NNF activity is regulated by Statutes annually evaluated at the General Assembly.

NNF is working to:

  • improve qualifications of professionals within navigation, among other things by aiming at better educational opportunities
  • improve safety for personnel, the environment, and for financial assets dependent on positioning and navigation
  • improve efficiency and thereby to reduce costs within applications relying on positioning and navigation.
As a primary means for reaching these goals, NNF arrange conferences, symposia, and courses to inform on subjects, ideas, and experiences related to the field of navigation. We also make room for coordination and networking opportunities during the events.
Internationally, NNF is working for coordination of activities and initiatives with corresponding organisations in other countries. NNF is a member of the of the "European Group of Institutes of Navigation" (EUGIN) and of the "International Association of Institutes of Navigation" (IAIN), and members of NNF obtain discounts when participating in international conferences arranged by these bodies.
As a member of NNF you receive the European Journal of Navigation (EJN) three times pr year, and you can participate in activities and events arranged by NNF at reduced rates. You can also obtain discounts on publications from the institute.

NNF has 3 types of membership:

  • Individual membership available for individual persons
  • Student membership available for students with active student identification
  • Corporate membership available for official and private agencies, institutions, organisations and companies.
  • Subscription
  • Individual membership NOK 500,-
  • Students NOK 200,-
  • Corporate Membership NOK 4.000,-
To further develop the opportunities for an organisation like the NNF, we need the power that can be obtained by a larger number of members, and therefore encourage you to become a member. All interested individuals, as well as companies, organisations and authorities are welcome as members. Today the organisation embraces members with a broad range of interests related to various areas of positioning and navigation. With more members, we will be able able to obtain even better results.
Interested? Please, go to membership.
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