19 May

NNF e-nav conference 2011 and General Assembly concluded

20. 05


This year’s eNav conference took place at the Norwegian Naval Academy at Laksevåg, outside Bergen, on the 19th of May. Due to various reasons, the conference was reduced to a one-day seminar.
The Programme can be found here.
The theme was Paperless Navigation. We wanted to address this theme as seen by both the premise providers and the end users, as well as identifying possible differences in opinion about the theme between these two main groups.
NNF's General Assembly was also carried out according to NNF regulations.
Presentations from the seminar are available through the link below.
  1. e-Nav in the making
    by Finn Martin Vallersnes, Norwegian Coastal Administration
  2. The Information System in ECDIS
    by Bjørn Åge Hjøllo, Jeppesen Norway
  3. Introduction of the S-100 Geospatial Information Registry
    by Finn Martin Vallersnes, Norwegian Coastal Administration
  4. Non-geospatial information in an e-Navigation data model
    by Ørnulf Rødseth, Marintek, SINTEF, Norway
  5. The gap between systems and end users
    by Erik Sandberg, Swedish Naval Warfare Centre
  6. EGNOS: It´s there - use it!
    by Kjersti Moldeklev, Norwegian Space Centre
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