NNF master thesis prize 2021

21. 03

The NNF Prize for Best Nordic Master Thesis in the Area of Navigation & Positioning 2021

The Nordic Institute of Navigation awards a prize for the best master thesis in the area of navigation
and positioning to a student (or students working together) who has been enrolled in a master
programme at a university in the Nordic countries and who during 2021 has completed a thesis
project of high quality in a topic relevant to the NNF.
Beyond the honour and recognition of the importance of the thesis work, the prize also includes
5000 Norwegian Kroner. If the thesis project has been performed by several students, the prize
money is divided equally between the students. Second and third prizes winners may also be chosen.
NNF reserves the right to not award the prize.
The theses are judged on their engineering skills and scientific level, but also on how they are
presented. A prize jury will award the winning thesis.
Assessment criteria
The basic criterion is that the subject of the completed and passed thesis must be within an area of
interest to the NNF. Theses which fulfil this basic criterion are then judged by the following criteria:
Engineering skills and scientific level:

  •  Correct level for a master thesis
  •  Well documented and well selected background material
  •  Adequate methodology
  •  Theory and experiments complement each other
  •  Analysis of results and forward-looking discussion
  •  Progress on the subject
  •  Benefit/usability Presentation of the thesis project:
  •  Disposition of the subject and the presented material
  •  Correct amount and choice of figures, tables and appendices
  •  Written language and use of a balanced terminology

Application instructions:
Supervisors can nominate a thesis, and students can nominate their own thesis, to compete for the
prize according to the following instructions:

  1. In a letter (max 1 page), the nominator motivates how the thesis fulfils the basic criterion, i.e.that the topic is within an area of interest to the Nordic Institute of Navigation. Any scientific papers, patents, public presentations etc. based on the thesis work should be mentioned.
  2. Also the following information must be included: Name, address, and email of both nominatorand nominee. Name of university where the work was carried out, name of master programme, as well as name of supervisor(s), and date of examination
  3. The thesis shall be sent in electronic form together with the document with information from the above steps to nnf@nornav.org no later than Friday April 8th 2022.

The winner will be notified directly in May 2022 and will be announced at the general assembly of
Nordic Institute of Navigation. The winner will also be announced on the web site of the Institute.

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