NNF webinars 2Q 2021

01. 03

Webinars hosted by the NNF will continue in the second quarter of 2021 with at least two planned presentations from domain experts. The presentations are open to all who wish to attend via the links given below.

Thursday, April 29th at 15:00 (Swedish time)

Two presentations of research on autonomous driving in the Nordic countries:

“Network-RTK Positioning for Automated Driving (NPAD)” presented by Stefan Nord from RISE, SwedenThe Vinnova FFI-funded NPAD-project has based on the 3GPP-standard developed and tested a distribution system of Network-RTK correction data from the existing infrastructure, called SWEPOS, of the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority, to serve a large number of users like e.g. GNSS-receivers in automated vehicles or smartphones. Tests have been performed with a number of different GNSS-platforms in a set of different test environments like e.g. at AstaZero proving ground and along highway 40 between Borås and Gothenburg. The project goals and results will be presented.

“Precise-positioning Solutions and Challenges for Autonomous Driving at Snowbox” presented by Sarang Thombre from FGI, FinlandThe ESA-supported Arctic-PNT project aimed to validate the smart infrastructure for positioning and navigation deployed at the Snowbox test road for autonomous vehicles in Finnish Lapland, beyond the Arctic Circle. The project recorded data over two campaigns under snow conditions. Data from GNSS and SBAS satellites, RTK corrections, cellular internet connectivity, and ultra-wideband based localization system was recorded. The data was processed post-mission using various receiver configurations and the positioning accuracy and availability of precise localization was computed over the entire test road. Results demonstrate that 2D accuracy of better than 20 cm is possible, although limitations in cellular internet connectivity can degrade the availability. These experiments will be discussed during the Presentation.

A link to the recorded presentations and Q&A can be found here.


Thursday, June 3rd at 15:00 (Swedish time)

“Indoor localisation using the magnetic field”

The presentation will be given by Manon Kok from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.

Indoor localisation is an active research area since GPS does not work well indoors as the signals are blocked by the building. In this talk I will present ongoing research on using the strongly position-dependent indoor magnetic field as a source of position information for indoor localisation. We will focus on methods for localisation, for building maps of the magnetic field, for simultaneous localisation and mapping and on the open challenges.

A link to this presentation can be found here.

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