Nordic Workshop on Localization for Autonomous Systems

Workshop Invitation

13. 03

August 10-12 2020

Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway

Welcome to the first NWOLAS workshop. The workshop is planned as a three-day event, including speakers, study visits and demos with local relevance.  

Topics will include:

● Underwater, marine, land and aerospace localization and positioning

● Sensor/information fusion

● Use of localization for system autonomy

Please consider proposing 15-minute technical presentations. Participating universities will also be asked to present the university and/or the workgroups which are represented at the workshop. Longyearbyen and Svalbard is one of the places in the world where climate change is most evident. We hope to use the location to emphasize the importance of environmental action from the research community. Hence this year we seek to the focus the workshop on Localization for Autonomous Systems in Environmental Monitoring. Further, Svalbard is home to test sites for autonomous systems as well as GNSS satellite basestations, allowing a unique combination of availability and capabilities.

Registrations are available using the link to the right. After registration, a website for credit-card payment will be sent out to cover some expenses. The attendance cost will not exceed NOK 2500. Initially, the number of attendees will be capped at 50 persons. We suggest, in particular, to book flights early as flights are limited to Longyearbyen. The recommended accommodation is Funken Lodge.


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